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How do I find books on my topic?

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To find books on your topic, you can search the online catalog using Keywords or Library of Congress Subject Headings. A keyword is a word that describes what you are looking for. A Library of Congress subject heading is a word that librarians have agreed to use when describing a topic or subject, and each item in the catalog will list the subject headings related to that item.

To search using keywords:
  1. Go to the library catalog
  2. Click on Advanced Search
  3. Try an Advanced Keyword Search and type in the word or words you want to search
To search using subject headings:
  1. Go to the library catalog
  2. Use the pull down menu to select Subject Heading
  3. Type in the Subject Heading you want to search
You can also start your search using keywords, and once you find a book that matches your topic, use the subject headings listed in the catalog record for that book to find others like it.